Update : The Paleo Diet

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The Caveman Diet
If you take a look at some of the hot topics in healthy eating at the moment, you will see plenty of mentions of paleo diet foodsbut may not really know much about what paleo food is.  Well, if you were to find out the Paleo Diet is sometimes known as The Caveman Diet, you may or may not have a better idea about what exactly the Paleo Diet is.  There are a number of great websites around which can better inform you of not only the Paleo Diet, but other healthy eating plans and programmes. Living Well  is one such website with a wealth of information, advice and tips on living a healthier lifestyle through better exercise and diet.

If we can go back to the Caveman Diet mentioned above, the name itself is one of the problems with the Paleo Diet itself.  We no longer live in caves, and our lifestyle is considerably different to that of the caveman.  So, anyone wishing to follow the diet that our ancestor the caveman followed is going to have to be extremely dedicated and committed to it.  Most people simply aren’t able to commit to such a strict diet. And a much more important point has to be considered as well, the environment has totally changed since the days of the caveman, and, as we know, the key element to the survival of the species is its ability to adapt to a changing environment.

Whilst we must recognise the principles of Paleo eating, we must also recognise that not all man-made food is necessarily bad for us, at least in some form or other.  Whilst it is more natural to get vitamins from fruit and vegetables, and better too, it doesn’t mean we should never consider getting the same vitamins from supplements such as pills.  From time-to-time this alternative may work better for us.  Also, whilst chocolate is another food that would not have been eaten by the caveman, it does taste delicious and most of us deserve a treat now and again.  The same with bread, whilst it would not have been part of any caveman’s diet, it is OK to include some in our modern alternative.  Milk, another no-no for the caveman, is actually healthy and full of important nutrition and protein. Another thing proponents of the Paleo Diet extol is that on it people don’t need to calorie count, that simply removing all processed food from the diet is enough.  Unfortunately, that’s not entirely correct – with the amount of saturated fat in Paleo diet food it is quite possible to gain weight if you’re not careful.

Cautionary Words
The above is not intended to be an argument against the Paleo Diet, it is simply a cautionary word that whilst the Paleo Diet is generally a great way to eat healthily, it has to have some caveats around its use.

If you want to know more about the Paleo Diet, please visit Living Well.

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