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One of the most difficult things about following a healthy diet is finding interesting and effective diet recipes, but with the Paleo Diet and the paleo diet food list this can be  overcome. Living Well have a mass of information on Paleo food, primal living and much, much more.

Paleo Diet and Primal Living
Paleo food and primal living are not the same thing, albeit that the concept of Paleo food is a key element of primal living.  Strictly speaking,  Paleo food is basically everything that can be hunted or gathered – just as our ancestor the caveman would have done, hence the popular nickname for the Paleo Diet, the Caveman Diet.  Primal living, on the other hand, is a little more than just food focused.  Primal living is about two key things – what we eat and how we exercise, with both having the key element of using nature and our living environment to provide the answers.  Therefore, you can see how Paleo food and primal living are so closely connected.

What Can you Eat?
So, you’ve decided to sign up for the Paleo Diet.  Next step, what can you eat? Well, Paleo food, despite the principles mentioned above perhaps seeming rather restrictive, can be not only wide and varied but also delicious.

Breakfast options include devilled eggs – well, almost devilled eggs, tapioca crepes, oatmeal like cereal made with almonds, coconut flakes, fresh berries and milk and, if you fancy something a little more substantial, pork belly with sweet potatoes and fried eggs.  These are just a few of the huge range of things you can start the day with.

Lunch and Dinner
For lunch or dinner, the range of options is almost endless.  For those with a spicy leaning, Indonesian Beef Rendang is on the menu. Or how about pulled BBQ pork, with its delicious spicy, sweet and tangy signature sauce?  Whilst McDonald’s certainly is off limits, burgers needn’t be. You can have a BLT chicken burger in a sweet potato bun on your Paleo Diet. Indian dish Kerala lamb curry is another option, a thick sauce- based dish which can be enjoyed without the rice often associated with Indian dishes.

And Much More
The above are just a very brief introduction to what kinds of dishes can be enjoyed on a Paleo Diet, and as you can see the choice is certainly not restrictive.

If you would like to know more about the Paleo Diet and primal living, or just looking for tips on having a healthier lifestyle, visit  Living Well.

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