Primal Living – Exercise and a Healthy Diet Plan

Primal Living – Exercise and a Healthy Diet Plan

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Primal living is a way of becoming more healthy through having a balanced diet with a healthy eating plan and an appropriate exercise regimen.  The essence of primal living is to plan your diet and exercise around nature, and the things we find in our natural surroundings – just as our ancestors would have done.  Living Well  are a company which can help you do just that, with lots of useful tips and advice available on their website.

Diet and Exercise
Whilst diet, and having a healthy, balanced diet, are undoubtedly at the root of primal living, the importance of exercise should not be underestimated. Only by combining the healthy eating and appropriate exercise elements can one really fully exploit the benefits of primal living.

Primal Living Exercise
What would the appropriate exercise be in the primal living concept?  The most important thing is that the exercise should be done in a more natural environment than you would find at the gym, for example.  If you recall, the essence of primal living is using nature and your surroundings, therefore the exercise element as well as the diet element should encompass this.

Body Builders
If we can think back to the days of the old time body builder, we can imagine someone who developed their muscles and exercise routines using feats of amazing strength and technique.  They would perhaps combine two, or more, activities to really give their bodies a workout – holding weights above their head with one hand whilst squatting for example.  Or lifting heavy weights with thick, thick bars to develop their grip.  They really did push the boundaries in terms of weight and technique.

It’s probably fair to say that most people would be well-advised not to expose their bodies to such extreme tests as the risk of injury to the inexperienced is great.  However, we can combine body weight training with flexibility, balance and agility to be able to train outside anywhere; to develop a MovNat programme.   MovNat is a combination of the words movement and nature.  People who have a MovNat regimen can be seen running through woods, climbing rocks, climbing trees and lifting and throwing logs and the like.  Just think about the benefits of pull-ups using a tree branch rather than a bar in a gym – each branch is different and much rougher to handle, giving your body a much better workout than the conventional gym workouts. Whilst MovNat in itself isn’t going to be the only exercise programme you use as part of primal living, it should certainly be something to consider implementing.

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Primal Living and A Healthy Diet Plan

Primal Living and A Healthy Diet Plan

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Nowadays, everyone is looking for that perfect healthy eating plan and to make sure their lifestyle choices include a balanced diet.  The secret may not be in the present however, with primal living theories basing themselves on what we ate and how we lived thousands of years ago.  The rise in popularity of healthy eating plans such as the Paleo Diet attest to this.

What’s changing in the arena of healthy living?  Perhaps in the past, the focus was on exercise and the use of supplements and special diets and programmes – we could say a technological approach to healthy living and eating.  More recently, people have been reflecting on the long-term effectiveness of such plans and programmes, and have begun to realise that they might not be as good as originally thought.  The trend is beginning to move towards recognizing that nature itself cannot be bettered when it comes to living healthily.

Primal Living
And that’s where primal living, and the Paleo Diet, comes in.  Before we look at what primal living is, it’s important to be aware that the Paleo Diet is not in itself primal living, it is just one albeit important element of it. Primal living could be summarised as being the lifestyle we follow in terms of being outside in the fresh air more, getting plenty of sunlight, eating a natural and well-balanced diet, swimming in cold water more and using our body and the natural environment to exercise as much as we can.  In short, doing what our ancestors did.

Modern Life
Modern life is responsible for about 99% of our health problems today.  We eat way too much processed food with limited nutritional value, we suffer from high levels of stress, we assume pills and drugs are the only solution to medical problems and we spend too much time inside, both at work and at play.

Longer, but Better?
It could be argued that the fact we are living longer than at any time in our history proves we’re getting it right.  Yes, we are undoubtedly living longer but, we are not living healthier or happier.  The quantity might be greater but the quality is not.  Experts agree that diseases such as diabetes were extremely rare only a few hundred years ago, obesity levels are horrendous, with over one-third of the global population either obese or overweight as of now.

The Way Forward
If we want to live not only longer, but better, we need to combine the benefits of modern healthcare that have led to the eradication of many deadly diseases and subsequent increase in mankind’s longevity, with the benefits of going back to a more natural lifestyle.

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Why You Should Have a Healthy Balanced Diet Plan

Why You Should Have a Healthy Balanced Diet Plan

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Healthy Eating Plan
Most of us would like a healthy eating plan, and are always looking for the best healthy eating plan.  There are a multitude of companies you can find online who can help you do just that.  Amongst them are Living Well.

Sticking to your healthy eating plan
Once you have identified your preferred healthy eating plan, the next most important thing to do is to stick to it! That’s easier said than done, of course. However, there are some tips to follow that will help you stick to that plan and get the healthy body, and mind, you are looking for. The most important thing to remember is that it’s a series of small steps that will get you where you want to be, and need to be.

Seven tips for your plan 
Tip 1- Prepare your own meals.  As much as possible, make your own food to take control of exactly what you are eating. When you eat out, you don’t really know exactly what ingredients are going into what you order and may not be eating as healthily as you think.

Tip 2 – Make your changes the right ones.  When you are considering what to change, make sure you swap bad elements for good ones.  Too often, people swap bad for less bad, or worse still, bad for even worse.

Tip 3 – Keep it simple.  Don’t get too deeply into the scientific stuff.  Focus on cutting out the pre-packaged and heavily processed foods and instead increase your intake of fresh food.

Tip 4 – Read the food labels.  When you are shopping for food, take the time to study the food labels and make sure you understand them. Manufacturers can be guilty of putting too much unhealthy sugar and fat into supposedly healthy food products.

Tip 5 – Think about how you feel.  If you want to succeed with a healthy eating plan, you need to feel you’re more healthy after eating.  If you think how you feel after eating junk food – nauseas, uncomfortable and lacking in energy – compared to how you feel after eating healthily, it should be a motivator to keep going.

Tip 6 – Keep hydrated.  Most people don’t drink enough water, leading to listlessness, headaches and tiredness.  And, many times we mistake thirst for hunger.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help your plan.

Tip 7 – Moderation.  Don’t be too extreme with your healthy eating plan. You can cheat now and again.  Also, make sure you are covering all of the food groups necessary to be healthy.

If you follow the above tips, you will be much more likely to stick to your healthy eating plan , and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of it.

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