Primal Living – a Balanced Diet Plan and Exercise Regimen

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There are two key elements to any successful health plan – a healthy balanced diet plan with balanced diet food and your exercise routine. Primal living bases itself on the basic concept that the food we eat should be natural and akin to that which our ancestors would have eaten – no grains and dairy products allowed – and having an exercise regimen based on outdoor activities and nature.  Living Well have a lot of great tips and advice on their website.

Running and Primal Living
Running is one of the base elements in any exercise programme, and primal living is no different in that respect.  The key difference with primal living running is that it isn’t done in the gym, on a treadmill, it’s done outside in nature, just as our ancestor the caveman used to when he was hunting his food.

Problems with Gym Running
The problem with running on a treadmill is that the surface is not natural, it’s too flat and consistent.  This means it’s first of all too easy and secondly, it’s not natural and how our feet were designed to be used when running. Running outside, on rough and uneven terrain is going to give you a much better workout, and help your feet work the way they should.

Another important point to bear in mind is footwear. Of course, caveman didn’t have Nike’s or other types of footwear – in fact they didn’t really have any footwear and would hunt barefoot.  If that were possible, then primal living would suggest it, but the fact that we wear shoes all our days means it is impractical, and possibly dangerous, to suggest running barefoot outside.  That said, there are certain types of footwear that come close, such as the barefoot type shoe available in sportswear shops, the ones with the 5 toes design.  These allow your feet to move around relatively freely, and certainly allow movement in your toes which makes them the next best thing to barefoot running. The problem with most of the sports footwear is that they provide too much padding and protection, inhibiting your feet from moving naturally when running. And when running outside, they can actually cause harm because they don’t allow the foot to manoeuvre around uneven ans unstable surfaces, causing twists and strains and even broken bones.

The above is a short introduction to primal living exercise and how running outdoors can play a big part in it. If you’re interested in knowing more, check out Living Well.

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