The Planning of a Balanced Diet and a Nutrition Balanced Diet

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Modern Life
A healthy living diet is something most of us are probably trying to achieve, or at least we should be.  The modern world can be an unhealthy one for our bodies (and minds) so it’s vital to do everything we can to combat whatever the world can throw at us. If you are looking for help or advice on how to eat more healthily, why not take a look at Living Well who have a wealth of invaluable information to share – including their very interesting and informative take on ‘primal living.’

Primal Living
If you want a quick summary of what primal living is, think of it as doing as much as we can to live life based on how our ancestors lived theirs, and how their diet, exercise and general lifestyle was based on nature and the environment.

It’s perhaps worthwhile thinking a little about how evolution has developed and impacted our lifestyle choices, and particularly how we eat, to understand better why primal living works today.  We shouldn’t be too simplistic in trying to understand the science behind primal living, either, it’s not just about not eating McDonald’s or the like.  Of course, that’s a part of the process, but it’s not all – just as the Paleo Diet is not all that primal living is about.  There are a number of elements to the primal living concept, including how we get the nutrients our body needs.  Yes, we can take vitamin pills, supplements or other substitutes, but are they as beneficial to us as eating fruit, for example? Most of us probably know the answer to that question.

Survival of the Fittest
The most basic idea of the evolutionary theory is the survival of the fittest
concept. The animals that were able to survive and continue breeding passed down the successful survival traits to their descendants, and thus the species were able to continue, and develop and adapt to their changing environment.

Body Designed for Food
Part of this, and a vital part, was the ability to hunt and gather of our ancestors.  We should not think that the foods they procured were designed for their bodies-  they were natural foods and not modified to suit the body – rather, their bodies were designed for the food as part of the evolutionary process.  We survived because we adapted to eat what was available.

Food Designed for Body
If we think forward from then to now, we can say that we are now adapting food to suit our bodies, the converse of how things used to be, and flying in the face of the evolutionary process.  We are not utilising what we can hunt or gather as much as before, with the resultant increase in poorer physical and mental health compared to our ancestors.  And that’s where primal living can help us get back to how it used to be.

If you would like to know more about how primal living and Living Well can help you live healthier, visit  Living World.

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