Primal Living and A Healthy Balanced Diet Plan

Primal Living and A Healthy Balanced Diet Plan

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There is plenty of advice out there for anyone wishing to start a balanced diet plan, with information and recipes for all variety of balanced diet food. Living Well  have some excellent tips and ideas for anyone interested in primal living amongst other things.

What is Primal Living?
Primal living, for anyone not familiar with the term, is basically a diet and exercise regime which is based on eating food that would have been akin to that which our ancestors ate, with no processed products.  If it could be hunted or gathered then it would have been part of the diet.  Also, primal living encourages participants to spend time and exercise outdoors, in nature.

The Paleo Diet and Primal Living
Exponents of primal living will point out that the Paleo Diet, one of the key elements of primal living, is just that – a key element, but not the be all and end all of primal living. If you want a simple definition of what a Paleo Diet looks like, think of the caveman and his diet, if he couldn’t eat it, neither should you.  One of the issues that brings is that some of what we might consider as part of our basic food intake, things like bread and milk or even pasta, would not be considered true Paleo Diet foods.  It’s probably true to say some pragmatism is required on some points of the Paleo Diet.
That said, with the popularity of the Paleo Diet at the moment, there are plenty of different types of food that can be considered true Paleo. This would include meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and greens as well as anything else that can be got from the surroundings.

Benefits of Paleo Food
Paleo food is extremely nutritious, being full of amino acid, vitamins, minerals and much more.  These elements are great for muscle mass, fat loss, sleep, energy levels and even your IQ.  All of those body functions thrive on the types of things Paleo food provides.  If we compare that to the typical food found in the modern diet, processed food, sugar and non-productive calories, we can say that the elements much of these products contain provide little that our body can use to its benefit.  Even low fat diets become useless, removing the nutritious elements our body actually needs.Whilst our body can, and will, continue to keep going with a modern food diet, it will not be healthy – skin and hair quality will deteriorate, energy levels will go down as stress levels go up. Your body will simply not be getting the fuel it thrives on.

Fuel for our Body
As previously stated, the Paleo Diet is not primal living in itself, but it certainly is a key element in the primal living ethos.  The basic requirement of any machine, which the body ultimately is, is fuel and the food we eat is our fuel.

If you are interested in primal living and would like to know more, take a look at Living Well for some great information and advice.

The Planning of a Balanced Diet and a Nutrition Balanced Diet

The Planning of a Balanced Diet and a Nutrition Balanced Diet

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Modern Life
A healthy living diet is something most of us are probably trying to achieve, or at least we should be.  The modern world can be an unhealthy one for our bodies (and minds) so it’s vital to do everything we can to combat whatever the world can throw at us. If you are looking for help or advice on how to eat more healthily, why not take a look at Living Well who have a wealth of invaluable information to share – including their very interesting and informative take on ‘primal living.’

Primal Living
If you want a quick summary of what primal living is, think of it as doing as much as we can to live life based on how our ancestors lived theirs, and how their diet, exercise and general lifestyle was based on nature and the environment.

It’s perhaps worthwhile thinking a little about how evolution has developed and impacted our lifestyle choices, and particularly how we eat, to understand better why primal living works today.  We shouldn’t be too simplistic in trying to understand the science behind primal living, either, it’s not just about not eating McDonald’s or the like.  Of course, that’s a part of the process, but it’s not all – just as the Paleo Diet is not all that primal living is about.  There are a number of elements to the primal living concept, including how we get the nutrients our body needs.  Yes, we can take vitamin pills, supplements or other substitutes, but are they as beneficial to us as eating fruit, for example? Most of us probably know the answer to that question.

Survival of the Fittest
The most basic idea of the evolutionary theory is the survival of the fittest
concept. The animals that were able to survive and continue breeding passed down the successful survival traits to their descendants, and thus the species were able to continue, and develop and adapt to their changing environment.

Body Designed for Food
Part of this, and a vital part, was the ability to hunt and gather of our ancestors.  We should not think that the foods they procured were designed for their bodies-  they were natural foods and not modified to suit the body – rather, their bodies were designed for the food as part of the evolutionary process.  We survived because we adapted to eat what was available.

Food Designed for Body
If we think forward from then to now, we can say that we are now adapting food to suit our bodies, the converse of how things used to be, and flying in the face of the evolutionary process.  We are not utilising what we can hunt or gather as much as before, with the resultant increase in poorer physical and mental health compared to our ancestors.  And that’s where primal living can help us get back to how it used to be.

If you would like to know more about how primal living and Living Well can help you live healthier, visit  Living World.

Primal Living and A Healthy Diet Plan

Primal Living and A Healthy Diet Plan

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Nowadays, everyone is looking for that perfect healthy eating plan and to make sure their lifestyle choices include a balanced diet.  The secret may not be in the present however, with primal living theories basing themselves on what we ate and how we lived thousands of years ago.  The rise in popularity of healthy eating plans such as the Paleo Diet attest to this.

What’s changing in the arena of healthy living?  Perhaps in the past, the focus was on exercise and the use of supplements and special diets and programmes – we could say a technological approach to healthy living and eating.  More recently, people have been reflecting on the long-term effectiveness of such plans and programmes, and have begun to realise that they might not be as good as originally thought.  The trend is beginning to move towards recognizing that nature itself cannot be bettered when it comes to living healthily.

Primal Living
And that’s where primal living, and the Paleo Diet, comes in.  Before we look at what primal living is, it’s important to be aware that the Paleo Diet is not in itself primal living, it is just one albeit important element of it. Primal living could be summarised as being the lifestyle we follow in terms of being outside in the fresh air more, getting plenty of sunlight, eating a natural and well-balanced diet, swimming in cold water more and using our body and the natural environment to exercise as much as we can.  In short, doing what our ancestors did.

Modern Life
Modern life is responsible for about 99% of our health problems today.  We eat way too much processed food with limited nutritional value, we suffer from high levels of stress, we assume pills and drugs are the only solution to medical problems and we spend too much time inside, both at work and at play.

Longer, but Better?
It could be argued that the fact we are living longer than at any time in our history proves we’re getting it right.  Yes, we are undoubtedly living longer but, we are not living healthier or happier.  The quantity might be greater but the quality is not.  Experts agree that diseases such as diabetes were extremely rare only a few hundred years ago, obesity levels are horrendous, with over one-third of the global population either obese or overweight as of now.

The Way Forward
If we want to live not only longer, but better, we need to combine the benefits of modern healthcare that have led to the eradication of many deadly diseases and subsequent increase in mankind’s longevity, with the benefits of going back to a more natural lifestyle.

If you would like to know how primal living can help you improve your lifestyle, visit Living Well.

Life And a Healthy Living Diet

Life And a Healthy Living Diet

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When embarking on a healthy balanced diet plan always remember it has to be a nutrition balanced diet.  Whilst your goal may be to lose weight, or just to be more healthy in general, it’s also important to ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs to function well.  If you want more information on the importance of nutrition, check out  for some useful tips and information.

Eat Healthily
Probably the best advice for someone who wants to lose weight is not to count calories so religiously, but simply eat more healthy food.  The theory about calorie counting is that as our body gets less input, it has to work harder to provide the necessary fuel to keep us going, and in doing so the body burns off more fat.  The theory sounds convincing and, up to a point, may be correct.

Modern Times
However, working against the theory is the general change in our metabolism in  recent times due to the availability of food in more modern times.  As our bodies have became accustomed to eating more because we can, our ability to burn fat has also changed.  The calorie counting theory may have worked perfectly in bygone times when food was scarce but things have moved on.

Same Calories, Different Bodies
Studies done on overweight and thin people indicated that both groups tended to consume similar amounts of calories over a day.  The difference was not in the total amount, rather the type of food eaten.  Thinner people tended to eat more complex carbohydrates and proteins, whilst the overweight people had more simple carbohydrates and fats.  These studies suggest that calorie counting in itself is not going to work.

Another point to consider is that losing weight by dieting alone is unlikely to be sustainable.  It’s important to have an exercise regime to complement your diet.  If not, it will not only be harder to lose weight, but harder still to keep the weight off. Further, remember that it might be easier to lose weight at the beginning of a diet than as you progress; the “low lying fruit’ is easily picked in the early days.  An exercise regimes tends to have the opposite dynamic, it gets easier as you progress.  So, combining the two makes perfect sense.

Mind and Body
Having a healthy and nutritious diet may not be as hard as you think, and even if it can be the rewards in terms of both physical and mental well-being are worth the effort.

For more information and tips on eating more healthily, visit Living Well.

The Paleo Diet and Paleo Diet Products

The Paleo Diet and Paleo Diet Products

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Research First
There are countless alternatives for the best healthy eating plan when you are choosing your diet for health. Of course, not all are equal, so you will need to do some research before identifying which one works best for you  One option you might consider is the Paleo Diet, a healthy eating plan which has been around since the time of the caveman – which is why it’s sometimes called the Caveman Diet!  Living

The Paleo Diet Concept
The basic concept of the Paleo Diet is to mimic the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, the caveman.  Cavemen were pretty much the same as us genetically, and thrived on eating unprocessed foods that they could hunt and pick around them.  They were considered to be very healthy and free from disease.  Studies have indicated that following a Paleo Diet can reduce weight without resorting to calorie counting.

Food to Eat
We now know generally what food the Paleo Diet is based upon, but what specifically should we be eating.  Well, here are the main elements of a good Paleo Diet – meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, healthy fats and oils. When choosing meat, always go for the grass-fed and pasture raised cuts whenever you can.  Also, whenever possible, select the organic versions of products – they may be more expensive but will definitely help you stay healthy.

Food To Avoid
The things we shouldn’t be eating on a Paleo Diet are processed foods, soft drinks, sugar, grains, most dairy products, legumes, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, margarine and trans fats. In essence, anything which is made in a factory is a no-no. It’s important to read the food labels on the things you buy to identify what’s in them – many so-called healthy foods actually contain a lot of things that are unhealthy.

As the Paleo Diet has gained in popularity, there have been some developments in it.  Some things, such as bacon from pasture raised pigs, non-gluten rice and butter from grass-fed cattle, are now considered acceptable. Also, whilst water would be the drink of choice for Paleo enthusiasts, tea and coffee do contain high levels of antioxidants which are beneficial to our health and might be worth adding to your plan.

The above is just a quick summary of the kinds of things you can, and cannot, eat (and drink) as part of a Paleo Diet plan, if you want more detailed information visit Living Well.

What is Balanced Diet Food?

What is Balanced Diet Food?

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Do you wonder about what to eat for a healthy diet, how to have a balanced diet plan? One great source of information is the internet, with companies like Living Well able to help you in your quest to eat more healthily.

In simple terms, a balanced diet is one which provides you with enough of the right food and drinks in the right quantities to give your body sufficient intake to be healthy. That sounds simple enough, but what exactly should you be eating to achieve this?

5 A Day
The first food groups we should focus on are fruit and vegetables. It is recommended we eat 5 a day from these groups.  They are full of vitamins and minerals and should add up to about one-third of our daily food intake. Amongst other things, consuming sufficient fruit and vegetables has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Another food type that should make up about one-third of our intake is starch. This includes things like potatoes with the skin left on. rice and brown wholemeal bread.  Starchy foods are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals and are an important part of any healthy diet plan.

Dairy products are an invaluable source of calcium and protein.  Milk, cheese, yoghurt are amongst the diary products you should consider consuming.  Another thing you should consider is to choose the low fat options for these products whenever you can. Soya based alternatives are worth considering as well.

A good protein intake is essential for a healthy body.  Foods which are high in protein include pulses, beans, meat, fish and eggs.  They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals hence their value in a healthy diet. When choosing meat, try to select thin cut and skinless alternatives wherever possible.  For fish, try to eat at least twice a week, along with the pulses, beans and eggs mentioned.

Unsaturated Fats
When thinking about spreads, it’s important to go for the unsaturated fat products to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and give our body the required fat it needs.

One last thing, try to reduce your sugar and saturated fat intake as much as you can.

Hopefully the above gives you some tips on how you can have a healthy and balanced diet to ensure your body is fit and healthy.

If you’re interested in getting more information on eating healthily, or just being more healthy in general, try Living Well.

Want a Healthy Balanced Diet ?

Want a Healthy Balanced Diet ?

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If you are interested in starting a good balanced diet, you will need to start by getting some good balanced diet information.  The internet is a valuable source of information, with companies such as Living Well  able to provide a great deal of useful tips and information.

What does 2017 have in store for us in terms of healthy eating? Here are some of the trendy food items we should be eating in 2017 –

Bean Pasta
If 2016 was the year of the pulse, 2017 is going to be the year of the bean, with bean pastas becoming ever more popular.  Grain-free pasta is high in fibre and protein. Expect to see lentil elbows, chickpea fusilli and endamame spaghetti fill the supermarket shelves.

Fermented Vegetables
Fermented vegetables were a hit in 2016, and this trend will continue into 2017. People were indulging in sauerkraut and kimchi amongst other fermented veggies in an effort to improve gut health.

Veggie Chips
Veggie chips will make an impact in 2017.  These are snack bights using vegetables, oil and vinegar.  Kale, Brussels sprouts and sweet potato are just some of the vegetables you can make into this snack.

Seaweed is a healthy food, being low in calories and high in nutrients. Packaged seaweed is available and can be used with sushi as well as sprinkled onto other things such as grain bowls.

Bone Broth
Bone broth will likely continue to grow in popularity in 2017.  There are claims it can reduce wrinkles as well as helping gut health, but these are, as yet, not backed by any scientific evidence.  That said, it is undoubtedly a healthy food product to try in 2017.

Turmeric has long been a staple in all sorts of Indian food, but nowadays it is being used more and more in other cuisines and foods.  It contains circumin which is a super-healthy compound and can be used in both food and drinks.

Vegan Food
Vegan food has been popular for a long time now, but it’s expected it will become even more popular in 2017.  And for those of us not quite ready to go full-vegan, the option of being a part-time vegan is still a healthy one.

Grain Bowls
Grain bowls will be an even bigger staple in 2017.  Starting with a grain, added on top some vegetables, a protein and a delicious sauce and you have both a delicious and a healthy meal.

Those are just a selection of the healthy food trends we are going to see in 2017.  If you would like to know more about these, and other healthy food related items, take a look at Living Well.

Why Should I Think About Healthy Eating Food?

Why Should I Think About Healthy Eating Food?

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Healthy Eating
These days, we seem to hear a lot about the latest healthy diet program, the web is full of healthy eating information. So, why is healthy eating such a big deal? There are many reasons why everyone, be they trying to lose weight or not, should consider more what they eat.  As said above, there is a lot of information available on the internet; visit Living Well  for more ideas, tips and information.

Improves Productivity
Like all machines, and our body is a machine of sorts, it can only work effectively, and as it was designed to, if it receives the right fuel.  If you want to be as productive as possible, take a look at what you eat and consider if its as healthy as it should be.  It’s believed we can be 2/3 more effective if we eat healthily compared to not.

Improves Mood
Certain foods contain elements that are similar to those in anti-depressants and other mood-enhancing medicines.  It’s a scientific fact that bananas, for example, contain dopamine, one of the brains chief mood enhancers.  You’ll not only feel happier at your improved body shape, you’ll feel happier in general.

Reduces Stress
Eating healthily, with protein rich foods, can help you fight stress. Cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, can be moderated with the intake of certain nutrients, including vitamin c, omega-3 and magnesium.

Saves Money
You’ll lose weight in your body, and gain weight in your wallet.  If you can think about exchanging unhealthy food for healthy, you will not only improve your body shape, but you’ll also save money.  If you swapped water for soft drinks, for example, you could save around $850 a year!

Reduces Eating
Fresh food contains less filler-nutrients than less healthier options.  The body burns through these fillers quickly, so eating fresh food will mean your body simply needs less food.  You will eat less on a healthy diet.

Tastes Better
Due to the psychology involved, healthy food will probably taste better than unhealthy food.  Your taste buds will be tricked into thinking the healthy food tastes better than the unhealthy alternatives because your mind knows its better for your body.

Reduce Illness
You will be more physically healthy,and less susceptible to disease, if your diet is healthy.  It’s estimated that a healthy diet will reduce the risk of cancer significantly, with 30% of cancer cases linked to poor diet.

So, eating a more healthy diet can help you feel happier, live longer and save money.  Those are surely reasons enough to look at what you eat and change to a more healthy diet.

Need more information to help you eat healthily? – Living Well.

A Health and Diet Trends Review

A Health and Diet Trends Review

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There have been many different trends in the diet for good health field, including the so-called caveman diet, or Paleo Diet.  Some diets come and go, some have stayed around since their introduction.  It might be interesting to take a look at some of those trends from the more recent past up to the present.  If you would like to find out more about healthy eating and dieting, check out Living Well.

Fletcherism, so named after American entrepreneur Horace Fletcher who was an advocate of the diet that involved eating what you want, but chewing it at least 100 times.  This was based on the principle that such chewing would turn everything to liquid and the body would not get fat from eating undigested food.

The first real acceptance of the importance of counting calories when dieting was credited to Dr L H Peters.  She published a book in 1918, Diet and Health:with key to the calories, which became a best seller.  Dr Hunt introduced the idea that food was calories and counting the calories would result in less weight gain.

In the 1930’s, an American doctor, Dr William Hay, said that food was basically three categories, starch, protein and neutral.  He said that starch and protein should never be eaten at the same meal.  It’s believed Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company chief, was an exponent of the Hay Diet.

Whilst the originator of the Cabbage Soup Diet is unknown, it’s fair to say that the diet has survived the test of time since it appeared in the 1950’s. The diet was based on eating cabbage in different forms along with fruit and vegetables, and just a little meat.

In the 1960’s, Robert Atkins devised a diet based on his own eating habits. It wasn’t until he published his book,  Dr Atkins’ Diet Revolution in 1972 that the diet became famous.  Millions of copies of the book were sold, and many celebrities followed the diet.  A follow-up book, The New Revolution appeared in 2002 and was even more popular than its predecessor.

1980’s – Present
There then followed a steady stream of new fad diets, notably including the Beverley Hills diet in the 1980’s, the Blood Type Diet in the 1990’s and the Dukan diet in the 2000’s.  Then came 2012 and one of the current diets, the 5:2.  This involves eating normally for 5 days then fasting for 2. The diet gained hold in the UK after a TV programme and subsequent book gave weight to the theory.

So, as you can see, dieting isn’t a new trend, it’s been around in many forms for as long as mankind has – remember the Caveman Diet?

Interested in starting a diet, or a healthy eating plan? Visit Living Well.

Trends in Healthy Eating – Paleo Food

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Amongst popular trends in healthy eating is the paleo diet and the increase in the number of people eating paleo diet foods. Whilst it may be considered a current trend, The Paleo Diet has been around for quite some time, as its popular nickname the Caveman Diet would suggest! The diet is so called because it is based on the foods that our ancestors, the cavemen, would have eaten. If it could be hunted or gathered, the cavemen would eat it and the same principles apply to the Paleo Diet. Living Well have a great selection of articles on the Paleo Diet.

Whilst the Paleo Diet has stood the test of time and has proven itself to be an effective way to eat more healthily, there have been a number of diet plans that have limited benefit according to experts, including a number endorsed by celebrities.

The Clean Eating fad, as endorsed by stars such as Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba, bases itself on the concept of eliminating all processed food, only eating natural state foods. Experts have pointed out that the whole idea of clean and dirty foods is flawed, and not based on any real nutritional study.

The taking of diet pills, as proclaimed by reality TV star Kim Kardashian, is strictly a no-no without GP approval according to experts. The pills claim to be able to melt fat and suppress appetite. Despite warnings, the availability of such products is increasing.

Kylie Jenner and Britney Spears are among the celebrities advocating Teatoxing. This is the drinking of tea products in order to reduce bloating, lose weigh and improve the skin. Experts doubt the benefits, pointing out any weight loss is likely water only and that tea products likely contain caffeine.

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin followed the 6:1 diet, claiming it both helped his mind and body, making him more creative and improving his voice. The diet has a simple concept, eat normally for 6 days and then fast on the 7th. Experts are very doubtful of the benefits, pointing out the risks of consuming no food for 24 hours, and other drawbacks such as loss of energy and mood swings.

Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow is just one star advocating the Green Juice fad. This so-called healthy eating plan involves drinking juices made of fruits, vegetables and powders, supposedly helping the body detox and manage weight. Experts are disparaging, pointing out that not only does the body have its own way of detoxing without having to consume green juices, but that drinking green juices whilst eating other unhealthy food is of no benefit.

So, just because your favourite celebrity advocates a particular diet, it doesn’t necessarily make it a good diet. If you’d like to know more about the Paleo Diet, have a look at Living Well.