Needing some Healthy Eating Information about your Healthy Diet Program?

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Primal Living
If you are looking to start a diet programme, and want information on healthy eating food, you might want to consider primal living as a starting point. This healthy eating and exercise concept is based on the premise that if it’s natural, and not processed, it’s healthy.  It also encourages followers to spend as much time as possible outside and enjoy exercising in the natural environment. Living Well  has some great information for you to help you eat, and live, more healthily.

Exercise and Diet
Anyone who has been on a diet programme will tell you how important it is to eat properly.  But, it’s not the only factor in losing weight, or just being healthier.  It’s also vital to consider an exercise regime to run alongside the eating programme.  Only by combining the two can you fully maximise the benefits you’re looking for.

The Wrong Exercise
As mentioned above, primal living is all about nature, eating natural products and exercising in natural surroundings. When to comes to exercise, many people will argue they do exercise, and regularly.  The problem is, for most of them that exercise will be done in the gym, doing workouts that the body was not designed for – running on the treadmill, lifting weights and otherwise pushing and pulling our bodies in various unnatural directions.  Even when we do exercise outside, it’s probably running on hard surfaces like concrete.  Also, the frequency might seem regular, but mostly it isn’t enough.  We tend to do short, sharp bursts of exercise activity then go back to our relatively sedentary lifestyle, sitting in front of a computer, watching TV, reading on the sofa and so on.

How Animals Live
Take a moment to think about animals, your pets. Cats and dogs spend their time sleeping, eating or running around.  They rarely just sit doing nothing.  Even in nature you almost never see wild animals watching the world go by, they are always active.

How Our Ancestors Lived
Thinking back to our ancestor, the caveman, they would never have just sat relaxing, doing nothing.  They spent their days hunting and gathering, fighting with other cavemen, eating and sleeping.  And they were pretty healthy according to studies. The problem with modern life is we have forgotten how to be active in our environment, rather we spend our free time mostly doing nothing that is going to help our body be healthy.

Again…Exercise and Diet
The simple lesson is, if you want to have an effective diet programme, it needs to be done alongside an effective exercise regime, following the basic principles of primal living.

If you would like more information on primal living and exercise regimes, visit Living Well.

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