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Primal Living and Paleo Food
Most of us are interested in our health and diet, or at least should be. One trend recently has been towards primal living and the Paleo diet, or Caveman diet as it is sometimes known..  Primal living extols the benefits of having a diet based on food we can find in nature, and certainly non-processed foods, and the virtues of having an exercise programme based on being outside in our natural environment.  The Paleo diet fits quite nicely into the Primal living ethos as it is based on the premise we can only eat what we can hunt, gather or forage – exactly as our ancestor the Caveman would have done hence the diet’s nickname. Living Well has a lot of information on both primal living and Paleo food.

Weight Loss
The Paleo diet is great for losing weight as the food you are going to be consuming, fruits, vegetables and meats etc are both nutritious and filling, unlike the heavy carbohydrate filled things you might otherwise have been eating that will leave you feeling hungry soon after.  If you want to lose weight for a particular reason such as a holiday, then following a strict Paleo diet in the weeks leading up to your holiday will see you lose those pounds.

Nutrient Intake
Deciding what, and how much of the what, to eat can be a challenge on any diet plan.  To get the proteins you need, you should eat plenty of vegetables along with things like eggs, steak, chicken fish and pork.  To help fight off any hunger pangs you might be having, fill up on healthy fats like avocado, nuts and oils such a almond oil and olive oil. And don’t forget to add some salt to your food to get the required intake of sodium your body needs. A note of caution here, nuts and fruit have some sugar so if you find you’re following the diet but not losing weight, check how much fruit and nuts you are eating as it may be too much. Also, whilst fat gets a bad reputation it’s worth remembering that healthy fats are essential for our bodies, it’s the so-called low fat products you need to be cautious about.

Eat When You Want To
Another thing to try to remember is that it isn’t necessary to have a strict schedule of when you should be eating, eat when you are hungry and don’t eat when you’re not – it’s as simple as that.  The caveman didn’t, and couldn’t, follow a daily eating schedule so why should we nowadays?  So, skipping a meal or two is fine as long as you don’t find yourself filling up on unhealthy and non-Paleo foods just because you have starved yourself!

That’s just a brief introduction into the basics of what food you can, and should, be eating to get the necessary nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

If you want to know more about primal living and the Paleo diet, take a look at Living Well for some great help, advice and tips.

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