Life And a Healthy Living Diet

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When embarking on a healthy balanced diet plan always remember it has to be a nutrition balanced diet.  Whilst your goal may be to lose weight, or just to be more healthy in general, it’s also important to ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs to function well.  If you want more information on the importance of nutrition, check out  for some useful tips and information.

Eat Healthily
Probably the best advice for someone who wants to lose weight is not to count calories so religiously, but simply eat more healthy food.  The theory about calorie counting is that as our body gets less input, it has to work harder to provide the necessary fuel to keep us going, and in doing so the body burns off more fat.  The theory sounds convincing and, up to a point, may be correct.

Modern Times
However, working against the theory is the general change in our metabolism in  recent times due to the availability of food in more modern times.  As our bodies have became accustomed to eating more because we can, our ability to burn fat has also changed.  The calorie counting theory may have worked perfectly in bygone times when food was scarce but things have moved on.

Same Calories, Different Bodies
Studies done on overweight and thin people indicated that both groups tended to consume similar amounts of calories over a day.  The difference was not in the total amount, rather the type of food eaten.  Thinner people tended to eat more complex carbohydrates and proteins, whilst the overweight people had more simple carbohydrates and fats.  These studies suggest that calorie counting in itself is not going to work.

Another point to consider is that losing weight by dieting alone is unlikely to be sustainable.  It’s important to have an exercise regime to complement your diet.  If not, it will not only be harder to lose weight, but harder still to keep the weight off. Further, remember that it might be easier to lose weight at the beginning of a diet than as you progress; the “low lying fruit’ is easily picked in the early days.  An exercise regimes tends to have the opposite dynamic, it gets easier as you progress.  So, combining the two makes perfect sense.

Mind and Body
Having a healthy and nutritious diet may not be as hard as you think, and even if it can be the rewards in terms of both physical and mental well-being are worth the effort.

For more information and tips on eating more healthily, visit Living Well.

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