Introducing the Digital Nomads (And Other Types of Lifestyle Design)

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As mentioned, Digital Nomads lifestyle design is much more than just working online. Rather, it’s just about putting your lifestyle first and your career second. It’s turning your priorities on their head and recognizing that you don’t have to live to work anymore.

But the most obvious example of this is still working online. So just to illustrate what most people will picture when you say the words ‘lifestyle design’, let’s take a look at one particularly popular type of lifestyle: that of the digital nomad.

What is a Digital Nomad?
A digital nomad is someone who has completely rejected the conventional idea of working in an office or really of accepting any restrictions whatsoever. Instead, this is someone who has embraced the possibilities of the internet and taken them to their furthest extremes by becoming a ‘nomad’.

What this means is that a digital nomad is able to travel the world, to stay on the move and to see lots of different countries and things. All the while, they will work on a laptop wherever they can find WiFi in order to provide services, run a blog, marketing or otherwise managing some kind of business.

The lifestyle of the digital nomad then will typically involve exploring, travelling and meeting new people during the day and then spending the evenings working in cafes and bars while soaking up the atmosphere. They can go wherever they want, see whatever they want and never have to answer to anyone in any sense.

What’s more, is that the digital nomad can work significantly less than the average office worker. That’s because the cost of staying in hostels, of travelling on cheap rail fares and generally of living their kind of lifestyle is much less than renting a property or paying off a mortgage. The digital nomad knows exactly how much money they need to do the things they
want to do and then they work just hard enough to fund those specific intended activities. If they don’t manage to make the money that day, they can stay where they are. If they do, they
can afford to try something more exciting.

What is a Digital Nomad lifestyle?
The digital nomad lifestyle is one that will be incredibly appealing to the right kind of person. If you’re someone who wants to see the world, if you value your freedom and experiences above all else and if you’re able to forego your ‘creature comforts’ then you will get a real joy out of being able to see the world on your own time and live the life you want.

But it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re somebody who likes to relax in a nice warm bath while drinking tea, then you might struggle with constantly moving from one hostel to another. Likewise, you might want to start a family. Or you may love the idea of buying a home and making it exactly the way you always dreamed it would be.

But this is the whole point of lifestyle design: you are designing your lifestyle using the freedom that modern tools give you. And that can mean whatever you want it to mean!I

personally work from home because I love the freedom. I don’t actually work out of a home office though as I find that claustrophobic, instead I work in coffee shops where I can soak up the atmosphere, chat to people and watch people go by outside. I meet friends for lunch often and I come home early to work out.

What’s more, is that I am constantly travelling. I don’t like the idea of being constantly away and so I like to take lots of shorter trips instead of being constantly away for one long trip. There’s nothing stopping me from being able to visit somewhere new for a long weekend, taking my laptop and working out there for the Friday and Monday. I don’t have to take time off, I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission! Being UK based, this year I have been to Dortmund (Germany), Cornwall repeatedly, The Forest of Dean (Wales), Salou (Spain), Mauritius, The Rhein Falls (Switzerland), Radolfzell (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal). In a week I am going to stay in a log cabin for a week with my wife – and I’m still going through the process of buying a house.

I meet friends regularly for lunch, I take days off to pursue things I want to pursue and I’m building a business and a brand that I’m really proud of.

This is a lifestyle that anyone can have now if they so choose.

Why limit yourself to just one holiday a year? Why spend your life looking forward to the freedom you’ll get from retirement rather than letting yourself experience life right now?

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