The Caveman Diet – A Diet for Good Health

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For those of you who have been paying at least a little attention to what’s been going on in the field of health and diet programmes, you will not have failed to notice mention of the Caveman Diet, or the Paleo Diet as it’s alternatively called.  If you’re interested in knowing more about this, and how it fits into the primal living theory, you can take a look at Living Well for a lot of useful tips and advice.

Primal Living and Exercise
One vital element of a healthy diet is to ensure it is supplemented with an effective exercise programme. Primal living advocates the idea that an exercise programme isn’t just something you do in the gym, it’s something you do outside and should be seen as part of your daily life rather than a specific activity that has to be planned for.

Incidental Exercising
The secret to having an effective exercise programme is to build it into your everyday life and the things you need to do – sometimes know as Incidental Exercising.  If you have a few minutes spare, and it’s convenient and acceptable to do so, you could do some exercises in your office. Whilst waiting for the bus, you could do some simple exercises instead of standing doing nothing and getting more and more frustrated – it also helps reduce the stress levels!  Consider installing a pull-bar in a doorway at home so you can do some pull-ups whilst you have nothing else to do. Simple, but very effective, is taking the stairs and not the lift. When chatting on the ‘phone, why not take a walk outside? when watching TV you can do some spinning or other suitable exercise – basically think about multi-tasking.  Taking up an activity hobby or sport is another great way to exercise and meet new people.  It can be anything as long as it involves some form of physical activity – dancing is a great and enjoyable option.

Formal vs Informal Exercise
One complaint many people have when on a diet and exercise regime is that they are simply not losing enough weight quickly enough.  The usual reason is that they are not taking every opportunity to exercise, they are perhaps too focused on the formal exercise they do and are forgetting about the more basic stuff they could be doing.  Things like walking to work rather than taking the bus, walking quickly rather than slowly, very simple and easy to do things but also very effective as part of any healthy lifestyle programme.

The above are just a few basic tips on what you can do by way of exercise to help your weight-loss programme. If you’d like to know more about primal living or the Paleo Diet, please visit Living Well.

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