A Glossary of Exercises

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Alright, now you know what you need to do and we’ve gotten the awkward subject of biceps out the way, it’s time to look at some of the actual moves you can use! Of course there are many more bodyweight exercises and there’s nothing to stop you creating your own bodyweight moves either. Just use this as a starting point…

Push Up/Dip/Handstand Variations

Press Ups
You know this one! Lie flat on the ground, hands shoulder width apart and push your upper body upright.

Clapping Push Up
Our first variation, just perform push ups but clap in the air once.
You can also perform:
· Double claps
· Claps behind the back

Maltese Push Up
We touched on this already: this is a push up with your hands slightly further down your body and facing outward.

Uneven Push Ups
Push ups with one hand on a medicine ball or another raised platform.

Wall Press Ups
For those who can’t do press ups, lean against a wall and push yourself away.

Knee Press Ups
Press ups on your knees.

One Handed Push Ups
Like they sound. You can also do them ‘Rocky style’ and switch from one hand to the next mid-air.

Incline Press Ups
Hands on something higher like a sofa. Makes it a little easier and is useful for drop sets.

Decline Press Ups
Moves the pressure to the shoulders slightly more and the upper pecs.

Rocking Press Ups
Push down more on one side and then more on the other.

Diamond Press Ups
Have your fingers form a diamond shape in the middle of your chest on the ground. This is a good way to focus more on the triceps.

Wide Grip/Narrow Grip
Moves the focus to the outer pecs and the triceps respectively.

Extended Range of Motion Press Ups
Put both hands on something a little raised from the ground so you can do press ups further down than you normally would.

Dips can be performed on any two surfaces of the same height just opposite each other.

Tricep Dips
This is a dip but with your hands behind you on a sofa or another raised platform and feet touching the ground stretched out in front.

Pike Push Up
Push up with your body pointing down towards the ground. This works the shoulders more once again.

Handstand Push Ups
With or without support!

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